From “Inner Source” Magazine, issue 11.

“Dragons of War”
Elven Witchcraft

Heresiarh are a new band to spawn from the Baltic. Hailing from Latvia, this ensemble of six talented musicians offers a journey into fantastic and ancient times when mythical beasts roamed the earth and skies! From the diverse contrast of blasting dark rhythms to the harmonious voice of lead vocalist Rasa, Heresiarh produce a sound of great variety and majestic complexity. Excellent guitar solos matched with skilled keyboard work offer atmosphere to the production, while the female voice carries the sound into forgotten landscapes inspired by Tolkien. An added bonus to this incredible opus would be the astounding full colour cassette packaging that is very professional and high quality (definitely a great start for the Elven Witchcraft label). Heresiarh most definitely holds a profound status in epic extreme fantasy metal, and there is no doubt they will place their homeland, Latvia, on the underground metal map. This release is a must for all fans of dark and symphonic dragon war!

Mike Riddick
r i d d i c k @ e r o l s . c o m